Star Wars: Battlefront II

Star Wars: Battlefront II 5.4

Replay the most epic battles from the Star Wars universe
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Action-packed multiplayer game that recreates the battles from the Star Wars movies. Check out planets like Dantooine or Coruscant, engage in space or land skirmishes, drive speeder bikes, AT-ATs or AT-STs and play as your favorite characters.

Star Wars: Battlefront II is the sequel to the much-beloved Star Wars game that was able to rival the leaders of the online shooter genre. Battlefront was developed after the mold of the Battlefield games, providing a large theater of combat for large-scale warfare between players siding with one of the opposing sides. A lot of guns, a lot of people and things to shoot at and a lot of vehicles you could commandeer - that was the online formula that made such games successful, and Battlefront made it even better by making it all Star Wars.

Unfortunately, the second game added little novelty in terms of gameplay, which was still good, but didn't really warrant a sequel. The only nice thing I can remember from my days of playing Battlefront II is the ability to turn into a canon character from the movies and run around hacking and slashing with a lightsaber. Yet even this feature had its problem with atypical gameplay feeling a bit stale and stilted. So, basically, Battlefront II was the same game as Battlefront, only with a poorly made half-class that worked only half the time. But it was still an entertaining game that could be and was enjoyed by Star Wars fans and online warfare enthusiasts.

James Lynch
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  • Grand scale
  • Homages to Star Wars films


  • Nothing new in gameplay
  • Obsolete graphics
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